XOOPS 2.5.1a Quick Fix Release

日期 2011年04月22日 10:50:38 | 新聞類別: XOOPS
Upon community demands, the XOOPS 2.5.1a is released as a quick fix for 2.5.1 release. There are two fixes included: module name and order updates, missing "block_type" for adding custom blocks. A separate quick fix was released on April 12th, there is no new fix added to the 2.5.1a release. As stated in the quick fix, there are bugs and security weakness introduced into XOOPS 2.5.0. In XOOPS 2.5.1 all known security weaknesses have been fixed and the development team will be continuously improving it.
Some experimental features and APIs were also added to 2.5 and module developers are moderately suggested to keep their modules as it is and don't implement the 2.5-only features in a hurry to avoid potential compatibility issues. Meanwhile developers can check Xoops Engine progress at http://www.xoopsengine.org to prepare for their next version of modules and themes for forward compatibility.
Download XOOPS 2.5.1a from Sourceforge repository.
您也可以直接使用本站提供的升級檔,可以直接將2.5.0升級到2.5.1a版本。 2.5.0資料庫結構與2.5.1a相同。 http://www.xoops.org.tw/uploads/xoops-2.5.0-to-2.5.1a.zip

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